Johannes Bornlöf was born into a musical family in Uppsala, Sweden, the middle child of two younger sisters and one older brother. His love of music began aged two, when he first started playing the drums. The kit would always be Johannes’ first instrument, but some nine years later, he also began playing the piano under the guidance of his older brother. It wasn’t until the Bornlöf family moved away to Dala-Jӓrna when Johannes was fifteen, that he first studied music academically, later to major at college. During this period of time, Bornlöf began to work in recording studios and his interest in scores and film music blossomed from there. Whilst also playing drums in a touring church choir and continuing his studies, it was then that he began to hone his own emotive style.


After graduating college, Johannes embarked on a life of producing, writing and playing music. In 2012, he began to release his own compositions and provide music for hit local and international TV shows. Johannes’ music showcases his deep understanding of melody, harmony and suspense.


Johannes is a proud father of two young sons. He is now releasing epic piano cover albums featuring some of the best film music scores and most loved piano pieces.